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Improving the infrastructure of a nation inevitably involves a great deal of dredging works. The execution of widely differing dredging works demands a company with a sound base in financial, equipment, organizational and personnel terms. To meet these requirements Saudi Dredging was established in 1978 in Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Dredging is strong financially, with 100% Saudi capital. Saudi Dredging has a sound fleet of dredging equipment built by the world’s leading dredge builders IHC Holland. Saudi Dredging has an experienced team of operators and foremen, trained in Holland and with worldwide practical knowhow. S.D. is fully equipped to manage and execute a wide range of dredging jobs, such as digging and deepening ports, rivers and canals, reclamation and maintenance works, hydraulic filling, the creation of irrigation systems and recreational areas, etc,

The following pages show some of the dredgers and equipment owned by Saudi Dredging.

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